Our Tips:

1) Keep your finger nails cut short, and your hands clean. As an option, you can use rubber gloves. This is important when applying the Solacium Organic.

2) Carry Solacium Organic with you whenever you travel. The small travel container can be used in public bathrooms, etc.

3) Whenever possible use a bidet to clean the area, after a bowel movement. This is by far the best way to keep the area clean.

4) If a bidet is not available, use wet wipes to clean the area; after a bowel movement.

5) When in your home or hotel bathroom, use the bidet or wet wipes to clean the area first. For example:

  1. use toilet paper.

  2. wipe with the first wet wipe (this should clean most of the area).

  3. wipe with the second wet wipe to finish off the cleansing process.

  4. scoop out a small thimbleful portion of Solacium Organic onto your index finger. 

  5. apply it to the anus. Best results occur if you push your finger, along with some of the Solacium Organic, into the opening. Also rub some of the product around the opening.

  6. wash your hands thoroughly after use.

*Note that Solacium Organic may cause some staining of your pants, dress, or shorts.